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NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED – 30 DAY FREE TRIAL The last hosting package you’ll ever buy. If you ever need more, simply extend.

  • 1 Website (easily add more sites on demand)
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 1 Dedicated IP address
  • Free SSL certificate (Let's Encrypt) with one click
  • Unlimited email on domain (IMAP) included
  • One-click Wordpress / Drupal / Joomla installs
  • Choose from 5 data centers
  • Completely configurable on demand
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Good stuff

Extremely fast

SSDs outperform HDDs in just about every aspect. This is why all our servers are equipped with lightning-fast & ultra-reliable SSD drives guaranteeing supersonic performance for all your sites and apps.

...and even faster

On all our servers we use the ZFS file system, which makes writing and reading data fast and which will dramatically speed up your dynamic websites and demanding apps.

Daily Backups of your data included

We have developed a super-efficient data backup solution, which backs up all of your files on a daily basis. You will be able to restore not only an older version of a given file, but also a full backup of your account.

Your site and data is secure

We have worked hard to create a secure environment for your sites. The mod_security firewall, which is enabled by default, comprises a comprehensive set of security protection rules. You can restrict the outgoing traffic from your account via your Control Panel. SSL is included with every account.


A top-level hosting platform goes hand in hand with top-level hardware. We use only enterprise-grade server and network hard- ware components and each component is thoroughly tested before being introduced into our production environment.

"I saw all these hosting packages and configurations on other sites, but I just needed hosting."

"NEO had all I ever needed. Simple and effective."

Why should I choose this?

Our NEO package already covers 95% of needs for most modern website hosting requirements. We even include a dedicated IP address and a free SSL certificate as standard.

But what if I happen to need a feature that is not included? What if I want to host multiple sites or want to use advanced features like NodeJS?
NEO is extendable
Need to host more sites? Just add them to your existing NEO package! You already have unlimited storage and traffic so don't worry.
NEO is developer friendly
Are you a developer looking to host client sites or quickly spin up new test servers? We've got you covered. With unlimited subdomains and a configurable number of domains hosted, you really only need one NEO package to get stuff done!

  • Choose your PHP version - we support PHP from Oldies (version 4) to Alphas (Version 7) and all stable versions in between
  • Python support (2.7 - 3.2 - 3.5)
  • NodeJS support. When you need NodeJS instances, you can easily add them to NEO ($3.00 per instance)
  • Loads of other available advanced features like Varnish / Memcached / Redis
  • Signup for a zero-risk account (30 day trial, no payment info needed) to check out all advanced features!
Need assistance?
From absolute novice to development ninja, weve got you covered. Our support is what makes the real difference. Our rewarded Hepsia control center is clear, simple and intuitive to use. But of course, if you run into issues, we are here to help!

  • 24/7/365 support by phone, live chat, email or ticketing system
  • 1 hour maximum response times on email and tickets
  • instant support on chat in the control center
  • Extensive online documentation
  • Video tutorials
I want to try this!
GO FOR IT, we'll guarantee you'll love it. With our zero risk, no payment details required, 30 day trial, you'll get access to your own NEO account. While in your trial period, you can try out our outstanding hosting platform and control panel with only some minor limitations. If after the trial you decide to continue, you also get a 30 day, no questions asked, refund period. We want to make sure you are absolutely satisfied before you commit to NEO.
I really need the exact features..
Yes. That makes perfect sense:
See all included features and optional extensions
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